Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Misadventures of Dexter

Friday night was dinner & a movie night with my friends. We went to my favorite all you can eat sushi place here in town. It’s called Yokohama and I am a regular. ‘Hello. My name is Kelly and I am addicted to sushi.’ However, even as I’m typing this blog, my sugar is rising. There are two bad things about sushi.

The first is, it’s very hard to get nutritional information and I’m not sure why. One would think fish & rice, the end. But, the sticky carb ridden rice, the amazing but unknown sauce, the veggies, and whatever else gets stuck into a roll creates a danger carb zone, for sure.

The other bad thing is Symlin. Symlin sucks all the happiness I get from eating. I can’t enjoy stuffing my face like I once did. This is probably a good thing since my bs numbers are fab but it’s equally sad. I used to love to eat as you can tell by the size of my ass. pun is now more of a chore and my ass isn't getting any smaller. Boo! I will still force feed myself the ‘Something Special’ roll because it is, in fact, something special.

I tried to find some info online and there is simply no consistency. Sushi seems to run between 25-50 grams. Nigiri runs between 10-25 grams. I typically dose for a high number of carbs because I know I will eat as much as possible. Take that, Symlin!! The great thing about being on an insulin pump is that you can always correct yourself should you miscalculate. Some people dose after a meal just to be safe. This would probably be a smarter way of doing things but old habits die hard. I wish Nevada was like NY in that restaurants are required by law to post nutritional values. It would be a nice feeling to get the number right the first time around instead of guessing. That way I wouldn’t spend the entire meal stressing over my calculations.

I like to save my stress for more important things. Like Dexter. (Yes, I had to remember what his name was…again.) I finally got my supplies and was ready to hop back on the CGM wagon. I shot Dexter into my side and was ready to go. A few hours later I took a shower and while drying off, Dexter decided to peel off. The sensor was hanging on by a small portion of the adhesive. Rawr!! This makes me angry because A. it took a month & a half to get my supplies and B. supplies are expensive. So, I stubbornly waited a few days before inserting Dexter again.

And I did. I put him on my side, again, so he could be secure under my bra strap. I actually made it through a day and a half before Dexter started peeling off again. What the hell?? Why won’t this adhesive stick to my bod?!? I don’t lotion before insertion. I put benadryl on to not only help with the itchiness but to offer extra sticky. I don’t understand! I have wasted 2 insertion thingys in 1 week!! My Dexcom Seven is now literally a Dexcom One. So, I’m all pissed again and stubbornly waiting.

No. This is not my bod. This is just what Dexter looks

I am going out of town for Memorial Day weekend. Wooo! I love getting out of town. I’ll attach Dexter 2 days prior to my departure. It will be an easier day at Disney just looking at my monitor instead of stopping to test my bs all the time. Come on, Dexter!! Don’t let me down!!

This trip will actually be the first where I have to pack supplies to change Cozmo. I will be gone for 4 days and he can only stay put for 3 days. Ooooh, wish me luck... and stay tuned.


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