Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Things I Like.

I focus so much on the negatives of having Type 1 Diabetes that I tend to forget about the positives. I guess that’s because it is a disease and it is easier to sing the blues. However, only spouting the bad stuff tends to elicit a reaction no one with a chronic disease wants. Pity.

::boo! hiss!::

Here is my attempt to prevent anyone from feeling sorry for me.....or anyone else with a disease, for that matter. AND to remind myself to continue to look on the bright side of life.

Things I Like About Type 1 Diabetes
By Kelly Wright (teehee)

* I like when my sugar gets low, although not drastically, because then I get to eat junk food for ‘free’.
* I love Reli-On Glucose Tablets. My favorites are the white ones found in the Tropical Fruit container. Super yummy.
* I like when if something buzzes while I’m at work, Elisa asks if myshugana is ok.
* I like when I rip my pump off my skin. It’s an itchy and free relief.
* I like when my clothing leaves little black rings around the pump adhesive. It’s like a game for me to see if I can avoid that. If I can’t, I like picking it off.
* I like that I have eaten relatively healthy since high school.
* I like that one of my BFF’s is a Type 1. Collectively we are the T1T’s. (Type 1 Twins)
* I like that strangers who share this disease automatically connect with each other on a super special level.
* I like that there is an entire community who feel exactly as I feel, know what I am talking about, understand and accept. It makes me feel less strange.
* I like when people know I am a diabetic and try to understand.
* I also like when those same people don’t constantly harp on me.
* I like the fact that you can get sugar free items and they are delish! Not the cardboard tasting crap that they used to be like.
* I like that NY puts the nutritional information on their menus. I wish everyone did.
* I like knowing the exact carbs of something I am going to eat.
* I like that having diabetes has made me a stronger, compassionate, caring and more aware person.
* I like that diabetes showed me that even though my body is broken, my spirit is not.
* I like the fact that my diabetes jaunt has led me to the greatest doctor on the planet. Doc B.
* I like that I have lived almost 24 years with an uncontrollable disease and I am ok.
* I like that I know myself & know how to listen to my body. Not many people do.
* I like having a chronic disease because I think it makes me appreciate life more than most healthy people. I sometimes wonder if I would still be a good person & love life the way I do if I were healthy…..

* And lastly, I like that having diabetes is not the worst thing that could happen to me.

I am going on vacation for a week and a half.

:::yay hooray!!!:::

I won’t be blogging during that time but will be back at it mid October. Hopefully with some fantastic d-news. Celebrate your life…and your health…while I’m gone!



  1. Love Calvin and Hobbes. ;-)

    Great list. I need to do one, or just remind myself, or something.

    Hooray for vacation! Enjoy NY. Hopefully it will still be warmish like when you arrive.

  2. What an amazing post! SOO recognizable and so very very true. In fact, I was unaware that there are actually things I do like about being diabetic, but I never approached it that way: it was either hating or ignoring. This post (and meeting you yesterday and talking about new possibilities) will DEFINITELY change the way I see and approach things. For that I will be forever grateful. Thank you so very much Kelly!!!