Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Walk This Way

The JDRF Walk to Cure is one month away! My team, ‘Insulin: Shaken, Not Stirred’, has already collected $4,350. We are only $650 away from hitting our goal. Let’s do this!!

I also only have 11 team members! While those 11 people are fabulous, I am SURE I know more who would love to spend a Saturday morning walking in the fresh Vegas air and helping to support a special cause.

The walk takes place on November 14th at 9:00am at the UNLV North Field. Like last year, I will be by the front registration waiting for the team.

To donate or join, please click here: Walk to Cure

Or you can click here: Walk to Cure and search for ‘Kelly Wright, NV.

We also have NEW team shirts! This time with the JDRF logo!! Thanks, Laura! To get your fabu shirt, please click here: Team Shirts

My heartfelt thanks goes out to all the people who help support the JDRF and their research to find a cure for diabetes. Your continued support not only means the world to me, it means the world to my family, future generations of my family and millions of others world wide. You are definitely racking up the good karma points and I appreciate it.

I am on a mission for a medical id bracelet. I used to have a big, chunky, gold one that I hated and never wore. Hey, it was the 80’s, back off! I typically carry a ‘I’m a diabetic’ card in my wallet and I had a key chain stating the same. Well, the key chain broke and disappeared into the world’s vast black hole of lost items. So, now I’m thinking I will try a bracelet again. Another option is a tattoo. I have to wear that and it will never break or get lost. Anyway, I threw a few options out to my Facebook friends and asked them to pick their favorite bracelet.

Right now there is a tie between these two:

Which do you prefer?

If you are interested in fashion and looking cute, I suggest Laurens Hope . I can’t vouch for the quality yet but I can vouch for the fun styles. If you are interested in being my Facebook friend, click here: Be My Friend

Anyway, I don’t have much news on the diabetic front. My body is beat up and needs a break, that’s about it. I have more puncture wounds on my body than I care to have. Maybe I need to go tanning. Maybe with a tan, they won’t be so noticeable. Maybe I’ll look thinner, too. Yea..tanning might be a good thing.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy! Enjoy your week and weekend.


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