Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Price of Diabetes

If you have been reading my blog then you know about the medical issues every Diabetic faces. A person with Diabetes of any Type runs the risk of numerous health concerns and none of them are pleasant. Not a one. Nevertheless, the complications are endless and the consequences are inevitable..for many. That’s why I always stress to try and maintain the tightest control possible. Although, I know that sometimes any control is next to impossible. Sigh. Stupid Diabetes. It’s all just part of the dreaded path we were dropped on and forced to follow.

However, medical issues are not the only price a person with Diabetes pays. The cost of Diabetes in the US ranges in the billions. Billions. Imagine what that breaks down per person? Oh. You can’t? Let me help you…on average, a person with Diabetes pays approximately 2.5 times more for their medical expenditures than people without Diabetes. More than double….even with health insurance.

Talk about getting screwed from every angle. Ouch.

If you are brave enough to find out what your estimated costs are, the ADA provides a Cost Calculator. I chose my state, Nevada. Shelley Berkley is my Congresswoman so I chose her district and the estimated cost for Diabetics is…..drumroll, please……$520,900,000! Just so I can live a full life like everyone else. Yay!

Crazy, no?

Before I knew my insurance would pay for One Touch test strips, I would shell out $30 for 25 strips. Keep in mind that I test my blood sugar approximately 10 times per day. This time you can do the math. I loathe math. Bleck. The FreeStyle test strips that go with my insulin pump cost even more. With insurance I get 100 One Touch strips for $25 and 100 FreeStyle for $50. This just an example of what one piece of my daily routine costs me.

Oh, and PS, I’m not really the one to complain to when you say you don’t have any money. Haha! No, seriously, I’m not. Especially when you are married with no kids or no major health problems and you’re moaning to a single mom with a chronic disease. Sorry. You know who you are.

It simply amazes me to think what I could do with that money had I not have the misfortunate DNA that makes me who I am. I know one thing…my Eff It Bucket List would definitely have a lot more items crossed off. Le sigh.

The annual cost of living with and treating Diabetics has doubled over the past 5 years. Simply due to the fact that there are more diagnoses each year and medical supply costs have increased. The price for all diseases, not just Diabetes, is astronomical. I think it’s very important for people to realize just how expensive it has become.

Someone is certainly making a crap load off of the sick & chronically diseased. I guess this supports my idea that if they did find a cure, those ‘Someone’s’ would lose a ton of money. Especially since most Diabetics are on more than one medication. Billions, and estimated soon to be trillions, of dollars are spent treating over 135 million Americans that live with chronic diseases. At least there were 135 million in 2005. So, I can’t help but think money, greed, wealth is the reason I don’t have a cure.

But…that’s just my opinion.

It’s pretty sad when the diagnosis of Diabetes isn’t shocking enough. The cost of having the disease will literally blow your mind…and your budget…and your savings account.




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