Thursday, May 13, 2010


Welcome back to Diabetes Blog Week. It's Thursday! Thirsty Thursday, Thoughtful Thursday, Thumbs Up Thursday, Thug Life Thursday. Whatever you call it, enjoy it.

(Did you know that if I look at the word Thursday for too long, it starts to look crazy. Like if I say crayon a lot, it starts to sound weird. Anywaaaaay...moving on.)

Today: Day 4. The topic: To carb or not to carb.

That is the question, isn't it? Today's topic is blog about what we eat, what we don't eat, what we deem bolus worthy, what we snack on and any food wisdom we might have. In other words, what makes me a fatty.

To carb! There, I said it.

I have tried lo-carb, no-carb and that doesn't work for me. First of all, my self is more apt to run low in the blood sugar world. Even though I lower my insulin & bolus less, the risk is too high for me. Second of all, carbs make people happy!! Who doesn't want to be happy? Not me. Bring on the french bread!!

Everything in moderation though. I don't sit down and eat a bagel & schmear, 3 pieces of pizza, mac & cheese, a baked potato, chips, spaghetti, dinner rolls and chocolate cake for dessert. No. Although my arse certainly looks like I do, I don't. But, I do have a bagel once in a while. Yes, I do eat spaghetti & garlic bread once in a while. Yes, I do eat a cupcake once in a while.

I'm sure I have a very controversial opinion on the subject. I have Diabetes. Diabetes doesn't have me. This disease is going to kill me even if I do everything right, every hour of every day. This disease is going to reek havoc on my body no matter how perfectly I follow and play by the rules. This disease may ultimately be the end of me one day but I refuse to allow it to dictate how I live my life. So, why not enjoy? Why deny myself the occasional culinary delight that embodies everything taboo? I don't. I live life to the fullest & I eat what I want. Diabetes be damned.

However, this doesn't mean I go rogue with my care, my life & what I put into my body. I most certainly give Diabetes the respect it demands. I eat healthy portions of veggies, fruits, cheeses and yogurt. I don't eat red meat, I prefer fish, eggs, beans, sometimes chicken or turkey. I rarely eat fast food or anything fried. BUT, I eat carbs and, ya know what? My A1C still runs between 6 & 6.2. My health is the best it's ever been. I feel better than I have felt most of my life and there's got to be something said for that.

Eating healthy & smart most definitely includes carbs. Carbs are not the enemy. We are. Carbs fuel the body and the brain. They invoke a feeling of comfort & happiness. However,they can also make you a fatty & raise your blood sugar so be smart about eating carbs.

That's it really. That's the key. We all know what we should be eating and what we shouldn't be eating. How much we should be eating how much we shouldn't be eating. Just be smart about your food choices. Even if you aren't a Diabetic.

BE smart.



  1. I don't find your opinions controversial at all. In fact, they sound exactly like mine!! One look at my butt is enough to tell you that I enjoy a good cupcake now and then too. :)