Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How Low Can You Go?

Welcome back to Diabetes Blog Week. Here is my happy Tuesday installment.

Today: Day 2. The topic: Making the low go.

Today's episode asks for my favorite way to treat a low. Lows are super scary to me. Probably the part of my disease that scares me the most. Why? Two words. Diabetic Coma. You've probably heard me say before that I am afraid I'll be alone, my sugar will drop, I won't be able to help myself, slip into a Diabetic Coma and be eaten by wild dogs. Yea...it's like that in my mind.

Anything can happen when my sugar gets low and I never know what that will be. I get shaky & sweaty. I can't formulate a coherent though. I can't think. I talk in half sentences and forget what I was saying. I get irate and lash out. I say things I don't mean, & would never say under normal conditions, because I'm so pissed that I can't control my body. I get silly & pretend I'm Superman. My brain literally stops working. I get overwhelmed & cry. Sometimes I am speechless when I cry because I think I am dying & just want someone to save me. I lose coordination & sometimes can't walk. I think wildly & desperately which makes me do crazy things like drive. I get dizzy. I become unaware. I pass out & won't wake up. I mean, the results run amuck.

Low blood sugar happens quickly and needs to be treated just as quickly. I have tubes of glucose tablets everywhere imaginable simply because I never know when my sugar will drop. Never. For a quick and easy fix, I pop a couple of these babies into my mouth.

Sour apple is my fav. The tropical fruit is my 2nd fav. These are easy to eat while I'm driving, busy, working, hiking, bike riding, at an appointment, anywhere, really. Sometimes I look forward to having a bit of a low just so I can eat one. Nom nom.

My 2nd treatment of choice are also quick & easy. M&M's. I usually just have these around my house. I have a bowl on my computer desk and one in the kitchen. Even though they are like little creepy people, they are still mmmm.

About 240 million people have Diabetes worldwide. While we all have the same diagnosis, the disease is different for each of us. How I treat my low may not work for another Diabetic. Chocolate works super quick for me but I know it doesn't work for others. Diabetes is as individual as the person who has it. The most popular treatment for lows in the D world is juice. When I was diagnosed in the 80's, all anyone ever threw at me was orange juice. I can't stand orange juice. To me, it's like medicine. In fact, I won't touch any kind of juice. I don't like it.

So, there you go. Sour Apple Glucose Tablets & M&M's. But, don't think I won't have a chocolate shake, a cookie, an ice cream, a cupcake, a Hershey bar, a Twix or any other sugary delight in a pinch. :)



  1. Caleb's fav is sour apple as well!

  2. Great post and great way to treat lows! When I'm in Vegas - we must treat our lows (from LOLing like crazy chicks) with cupcakes!
    Kelly K

  3. i wish I could use chocolate for lows. The problem is any chocolate in my house is consumed before a low can come along! I am an Orange Tab guy.

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  5. I think if I could find Sour Apple Glucose tabs around here, I might start using them again. Mmmmm, sour apple!!! I also think I maybe could, on some occasion, find myself resembling the woman in the picture. Mmmmmm, chocolate!!!