Thursday, July 15, 2010

Carb Content

This morning I woke up with a bs of 47. No bueno. No wonder I was so comfortably asleep...I was heading down to coma town.

Anyway, I got up thinking I would eat some cereal. I haven't really eaten anything for 2 days because I was sick. This morning the combo of no food & low bs resulted in an overwhelming hunger. A cereal craving. I opened up the pantry and, oddly enough, all the cereal nutritional panels were facing front. Raisin Bran, Cheerios and Crunch Berries. The carbs were shocking and to shock a veteran Diabetic is a major event!

Here is one of the reasons why many people do not understand Diabetes. Someone without this chronic death sentence would think 'Oh, choose the Cheerios. You can't eat Crunch Berries if you have Diabetes!' Well, guess what? You, my friend, would be wrong.

First of all, these days with the fancy new invention called the 'Insulin Pump', Diabetics can eat anything. That's right. Anything. I sound like I'm a senior citizen, and I guess it's true. I am a senior Diabetic. These days are much more desirable than the olden days. The days of Tab, peeing on a stick, and noshing on awful pink sugar free cookies just to retain some sort of normalcy. Ugh.

I hate to say it but being a Diabetic today is much better than being a Diabetic back in the 80's...or before. Gasp!

Those Cheerios....20 carbs per serving. The Crunch Berries...22 carbs per serving. I'm thinking for 2 carbs, I'm going for the roof of my mouth injury. On taste alone, Crunch Berries kick Cheerios ass. Plain Cheerios. Not Honey Nut. Not Chocolate. Plain. The Raisin Bran was a nightmare....44 carbs per serving. Damn raisins.

How can it not be confusing? It's confusing for Diabetics! When I first was diagnosed with Diabetes I was told 'NO SUGAR!' Period. The end. To bad so sad you little teenage chocolate lover! I would naturally assume that plain, icky Cheerios would be the way I would have to go. Boring. Blah. Meh. Oddly enough, that's not really the case. A bowl full of colorful, taste bud popping, mouth sand paper berries are not really that different.

So, all you Food Police, remember this....carb content isn't always what it seems.

Diabetes is a little trickster so even when you think you know don't. Damn you, Diabetes. Damn. You.

Oh....guess which cereal I chose. ;)



  1. Just looking at that picture makes the roof of my mouth hurt.

  2. I know just how you feel!! Even if you eat a good, healthy, small meal, it may still not be a good one for a diabetic...SICKENING!!!