Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Faux Vibrations!

Yes...I vibrate. I do. Sounds very exciting, no?

::wink wink nudge nudge::

No. It's not.

I am not sure whether it's because I'm a Diabetic or if it's because I am walking around with too many devices but I get faux vibrations. A lot.

Getting vibrations makes me feel like something is wrong. My pump is jacked. My sugar is too high. My sugar is too low. I'm missing a call. I'm missing a text. I'm missing....OH NO...a Facebook notification haha! Missing calls is a good thing, actually. Grrrr to talking on the phone. But, every single time something vibrates, my heart skips a beat and my stomach drops a little. The fact that this happens when nothing is vibrating drives me a little insane.

I am so used to wearing a pump and a CGM that any vibration means trouble. Those two life saving devices have made good vibrations bad. Stupid Diabetes. The fact that my brain has gotten used to vibrations, associates it with something being wrong and causes my heart to beat a little faster cannot be a good thing. Especially when it's not really happening.

I swear, I knew when I decided to write about faux vibrations that I would sound like a crazy person but I just 'googled' and I'm not entirely alone. Whew! Once again, thank you Google!! Thank you for being my hero!!

PS - do NOT Google 'vibrations'.....especially if you are at work. *yikes*

However, maybe these lunatics & I are just brave enough to admit it in public. haha!

I'm not alone in my vibrating world.

The only difference is they don't also have a chronic disease to blame.

I think it's nuts that I haven't worn my pump or CGM for about...3 months because the lack of insurance has prevented me from doing so. A problem that has been remedied but I've just been so busy...or get all of my Diabetes ducks in order. I will line those suckers up, though, I will. BUT, even after being an anti-cyborg for that long, I continue to vibrate. Like I said...nuts...but so very curious. Do any other PWD's vibrate mysteriously? Haha! So pervy & I just can't help it. Sorry! ;)

I wonder if my vibrations will last forever....and how I can make them good.



  1. that's kinda funny - i don't get these, but i will certainly feel less strange if they do start happening. so thanks for sharing!

  2. Love it... looks gorgeous and what a wonderful video.... Now Foods