Sunday, June 21, 2009

Diabetes Madness

Written April 6, 2009

Well…Smith’s Medical stopped manufacturing my insulin pump. Wonderful. I finally, finally take the major step into pump world, choose one of only 3 pump options that were given to me by my old douchey doctor and now…it’s a dying breed. By the way, I no longer see my old douchey doctor and have a fab new one!! Dr. B. Period. New line.

I have a 4 year warranty on my pump so I’m ok for a while…unless the thing breaks. Rawr. Knowing I’m Murphy’s Law AND clumsy does not give me a bright outlook. Anyhoo, I still love her and will try to be good to her. I’ve changed her name by the way, and her sex. He is now Cosmo, like in Seinfeld. Makes sense since the brand is Deltec Cozmo. Plus, it was easier to remember than Chloe. I changed the name of my CGM, too. I just don’t remember what I changed it to right now. Obviously, still not easy to remember. I should change it again. haha! Diabetes Madness, I like to call that sort of forgetfulness. It's NOT old age, thank you very much.

Here are a few little things I hate about being a diabetic…as if just being a diabetic isn’t enough.

I hate when I do not get enough blood for the test strip. I think I have a big enough drop but it doesn’t flow all the way to the end. Then I get the Err!! Message. Damn. What a waste of a test strip. I think each container should contain 5 extra ‘ooops’ strips at no charge.

I hate when no blood cometh forth. My hands get super cold. Yes, even though I live in the desert. I’ve just always have had cold hands…but a warm heart. Ba dum chhhh. Thanks, grandma. So, since my hands are cold hands, I have to poke myself 100 times to get blood.

I hate having my pump fall out of my pocket and it yanking the tubing in my stomach. Ugh. It’s super annoying. Plus, it kinda hurts. Why is there not a better design…like tubeless pumps…OR better clothing. I really need to start a clothing line for diabetics. *sigh* One that doesn't included fanny packs and old lady bras. Psh.

I hate that insulin makes you chubby. Really? Come on!! My Educator said ‘A chubby diabetic is a healthy diabetic.’ Damn it…that sucks. There once was a time I would have chosen skinny over healthy. Once. Now I have to be fat and responsible. Rawr.

I hate when I lose my stuff. This is also diabetes madness. I went to test my bs the other day and my tester was MIA. What the hell? I enlisted Amanda’s help in trying to locate it. We couldn’t find it in all the usual places. Then I vaguely remembered that I may have thrown it away the last time I checked my bs. Sure enough. There she lie… amidst coffee grinds and hard tortillas. I wish all my attachments had a locater built in.

Those are just a few of the things I can think of right now. I'm certain there are more.

So, I started taking Symlin for real last week. I saw my Educator, learned to readjust my insulin and take the Symlin properly. Things have been pretty good so far. It’s not an exact science, but it never is with diabetes. However, my bs numbers are looking good. That’s a plus. 150
after eating dinner is awesome blossom! The down side? Symlin makes me feel like I just ate seconds of aThanksgiving dinner and dessert. SO full! It’s totally destroying my dining experience. I know this is what may help me lose a few pounds but…blah. Amanda & I went to our favorite all you can eat sushi restaurant, Yoko Sushi, this past weekend and all I could eat was sad. Sad! Usually we scarf down tons of sushi!! We are sushi super heroes! Not so much this time. I was disappointing. I should be scratched out of our picture on the sushi wall.


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