Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm Tired Of....

Written March 31, 2009

I wonder if all diabetics have random supplies everywhere. I do. I have stuff everywhere and anywhere possible…in the fridge, kitchen drawer, on the counter, nightstand, closet, car, desk at work, and my purse and so on..and so on…and so on. I look like a walking pharmacy and so does my environment. Example: I was at Starbucks the other day and needed some change. I reached into my cup holder, grabbed a handful of change and ended up with about 8 used test strips. Seriously. This may be an ‘EW!’ for any passengers that I may have in my car, but it’s not for me. It’s my life. So, I just threw them back into the holder and paid for my coffee. Psh…I’ll toss them in the garbage next time. In the meantime, remember not to put your money where your mouth is…EW!

I have training with my Diabetes Educator on Thursday. My doctor is starting me on Symlin. Symlin is a man made form of amylin and is injected prior to eating 30 or more carbs. Amylin is a hormone that is secreted by the pancreas, just like insulin, and helps contribute to glycemic control. Without amylin, your brain thinks you are still hungry, your liver keeps sending sugar into your blood during meals and the food travels through your stomach faster. For me, this is what causes my blood sugars to sky rocket immediately after I eat. My CGM print out looks like a roller coaster at Six Flags.

Symlin will make my brain think my stomach is full which will hopefully cause me to eat less. This is good because I need to lose a few pounds. I’m going home in October!! Symlin will also send a message to my liver to send out less sugar. It will also allow the food to move more slowly through my stomach which will keep my blood sugars more level…like a kiddie roller coaster at Disneyland.

The down side of Symlin is that if the dosage isn’t worked properly in conjuction with your insulin, low blood sugars will occur. So, Heather will start the process of helping me figure out the marriage between my pump and Symlin. I can’t wait though. I’m super excited to see how this new addition to my health regime will work.

I am not excited about injections though. I opted for an insulin pump so I wouldn’t have to take multiple injections every day. Now that I have the pump, I will be…taking…multiple…injections….every….day. Ugh and a sigh. I’m tired of diabetes.

Speaking of which, once in a while I will post products, tips, information sites or blogs that caught my interest. This week I was given an ‘I’m Tired’ bracelet by my friend, Jennifer. Side note: Jennifer is getting married to our local weatherman and you can view her wedding blog right here ~> 'Nearlyweds'. She's fab and also recently found out she is a Type 1.5 Diabetic.

These bracelets are eco friendly as they are made out of recycled tires…hence the ‘I’m Tired of’ concept. If that isn’t fabulous enough, for each bracelet you purchase at $10, they donate $5 to your cause.

My ‘I’m Tired of Diabetes’ is now my favorite piece of jewelry. Even if you don’t purchase a diabetes one, I’m sure there is another cause that you may want to support. You can also vote for a cause and choose one you would like to see represented.

To get your own fab bracelet, please visit: I'm Tired Of.. Thanks!


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