Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's a Way of Life

Written May 28, 2009

President Obama selected Judge Sonia Sotomayor as a Supreme Court nominee.Why do I care?Because she is a Type 1 diabetic. Sotomayor was diagnosed at age 7 with Juvenile Diabetes.In the 60’s, it was still considered ‘Juvenile’ as opposed to the now ‘Type 1’. While this disease typically takes 10 years from ones life, it’s great to know that at 54, Sonia Sotomayor is still going strong.She has been injecting herself with insulin for 47 years, longer than I have been alive.This is one of those stories that sparks the docile hope I always have in my heart.My hope gets a subtle nudge and I smile.

I have a chronic disease…..not a terminal one. I am enabled….not disabled. I am ill…..I am not sick. But, even so, diabetes is more than just an illness….it’s a way of life. While different & more complex than yours, it’s still normal to me and everyone who has this disease. The truth is simply that diabetics are now living healthier, longer, stronger lives thanks to the many medical advancements that have come our way. I remember peeing on a stick and trying to guess what color was the closet match to their graph. This just so I kinda sorta knew what my bs was. Now I know exactly what my bs is in 5 seconds from my OneTouch or in 1 second from Dexter. Wow.

Anyway, Sonia Sotomayor seems well qualified for the position. She is a Princeton grad, she got her JD from Yale, she served on the US District Court and the US Court of Appeals. grad, she got She has the education and experience so why should her health be considered? After all, didn’t we have a geriatric running for president a few months ago. I’m just saying. Haha!

Good luck, Judge Sotomayor.

This made me think of famous diabetics..other than myself..hahaha! Let's see.

Type 1

Mary Tyler Moore (Of course)
Halle Berry (Actress)
Brett Michaels (From Poison)
Nick Jonas (Jonas Brothers)
Anne Rice (Author)

Type 2

Wilfred Brimley (Diabeetus guy)
Delta Burke (Actress)
Nell Carter (Actress)
Dick Clark (The dude who never ages.)
Jerry Garcia (Singer)

There are tons, actually. Athletes, Actors, Political Leaders, Musicians, Scientists, Writers. Diabetes isn't racist. Diabetes will attack anyone, at any time, without pause. This still doesn't mean they can't do their job.

Going back to a previous blog, Food Police, I also thought of another annoying thing that happens to me all the time. Whenever I am testing my bs, someone asks ‘What’s your sugar?’ Seriously? Do I ask you what your sugar is right before you shove a donut in your mouth? No. I don’t. It’s personal and really isn’t your concern. I don’t ask you when your period is or when the last time you took a crap…so, please. Stop. I know you think you are showing your ‘concern’ in a caring, positive manner but you aren’t. You are being intrusive and rude, quite frankly. I think, just for giggles and kicks, the next time someone asks ‘What’s your sugar?’ I will immediately spit out ‘What’s yours? Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine.’ Psh.

So, I have the mindset that I am getting two more tattoos. I know diabetics aren’t great healers..oh no!!...but I heal pretty well. I think as long as you are controlled, meaning you’re A1C is below 7 and you discuss tattoos with your endocrinologist, you are safe. I also tell the artist I am a diabetic so he doesn’t go as deeply as he normally would. I have two tattoos and didn’t have a problem with either. I want a celtic tree of life with an A in the midst for Amanda. I am still considering location but will end up smacking it on my ankle. I will get the tree here but I haven’t found the perfect studio yet. I also want a peace sign on my left wrist. I will get the peace in Woodstock when I go home in October. I’m so excited for my trip home…and not only for the tattoo.

What are fellow diabetic’s thoughts on tattoos? Do you have any? Where are they located? What are they?

I plan on spitting out the Disney with Diabetes blog this weekend and will post next week. Keep an eye out for it. Have a great weekend!


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