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Walk With Me

Written June 2, 2009

It’s time to start organizing for the JDRF Walk this fall. I know it’s only June, but I’m a Virgo and like to keep on top of things. Haha! Last year our team name was ‘Insulin: Shaken Not Stirred’. Laura designed our shirts and we were given an ‘Honorable Mention’. I didn’t know the JDRF logo had to appear on the shirts. Oooops.

Laura is fab. You can read her blog here:
Just Another Day in ParadiseJDRF website for information regarding the Walk. You can also register and donate, too. Like I always say, the life you save may be yours…or mine.

Vegas team! Save The Date!

Walk to Cure Diabetes 2009
November 14, 2009
UNLV – North Field

Disney with Diabetes was a success. Dex was incredibly helpful and knew exactly when to screech at me and when to remain quiet. Much unlike many of my ex-boyfriends. Cozmo was wonderful at staying in place and didn’t fall out or get tangled at all

The only problem I ran into was with my feet. Ugh. I was lame and wore new flip flops the first day. I live in flip flops. Summer, winter, doesn’t matter. Love them. I do not, however, love these ones. I got a blister on the middle toe of both feet. Diabetic nightmare. I slathered antiseptic on them and went to bed. Of course I had antiseptic! I’m a health train wreck so I know to come prepared. The second day I was ‘just doing it’ in my Nike’s. My friends, daughter & I go balls out when we go to Disney. We are standing in line when they open the gates and heading back to the hotel when the close the gates. Even with sneakers on, my feet were screaming bloody murder. At one point, I thought I was going to collapse because they just refused to hold me any longer. Poor tootsies. I definitely need to give them a pampering. They deserve it. I also need to remember that I cannot abuse my feet. The fight between ‘I am doing everything now!’ has to lose to the ‘I am a diabetic.’

On the plus side, my blisters were healed 2 days later. I’m a good healer!! Yay! That’s very good news and a relief.

Speaking of positive, I’ve been made aware that I get cranky and negative with people who aren’t diabetics. For that, I sincerely apologize. I want you to ask questions, I do. I want you to understand. I want you to get a glimpse into the diabetic world. I guess the annoyance is with those that have been in my world for years. I’m under the misconception that if I have explained to you numerous times, if you have known me for years or lived with me, then you should know. I feel like if I’m continuously explaining to you, then you really don't care. Does that make sense? I have a close friend who is a breast cancer survivor. For more info on this, please visit Susan G. Komen

I listened to her story. I listened about her treatment. I paid attention because she, her life and her children are important to me. I just feel like I should have the same consideration. Ya know? If you don’t, that’s ok. I’ll get annoyed but will still love you. For example, I am going home in October and I called my dad (adopted) to tell him. We were chatting about things I wanted to do when I got there. One of the things I mentioned was eating a Friehoffer’s chocolate chip cookie. Best cookies EVER!!


He immediately snapped ‘YOU CAN’T HAVE THAT!!’ Annoyance knocked on my brain door but I didn't answer. I rarely do. I calmly replied ‘I sure can.I just can’t overdo it.’Blah blah. So.I apologize if I come across snarky at times.

For more positive Diabetes things, check out Kerri’s blog:
Six Until Me

She is awesome and spot on with so very much. It makes me smile to know that I am not alone in this journey.


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