Monday, June 29, 2009

No Kisses for Lantus

I am certain that anyone who takes insulin has already heard of the ‘Lantus scare’. My friend, Erik, sent me a message on Friday asking if I was taking Lantus. He said he read on CNN that Lantus was linked to cancer. I stopped taking Lantus when I went on the pump. How great that Erik was looking out for me. Kisses to him. No kisses for Lantus.

Of course, like any other doomsayer, my brain immediately dove into ‘Oh, No!’ mode. I tried to remember when I started taking Lantus and when I quit, how I felt and how I feel, if I noticed anything different within my self…and then I stopped. FYI - Diabetics tend to become oddly in tune with their inner self. We have to become more aware and listen to what our body is saying. It’s all part of the deal. So, I listened…and my bod was saying I was ok. it's a good thing because my body & I have an understanding. One chronic disease is all it is allowed to have. Period. The End. You may say that is naive, I say that is positive thinking.

So, Diabetelogia, the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes published an article on June 26th stating a possible link between Lantus (insulin glargine) and cancer. To read more, click the following.



Their result was based on four studies; however, these studies are not conclusive. The International Diabetes Foundation is aware of the studies and is asking the diabetes community to wait for the current scientific information to be released and calls for urgent further scientific studies to be undertaken in other countries.

What concerns me…and obviously everyone else …is that people will discontinue the use of insulin because of this scare. Hopefully, this will be discussed with an Endocrinologist before taking such a drastic step. What you think may be saving you from cancer could, in fact, bring on other detrimental health issues. So, talk to your doctor before making any changes to your treatment. Please.

We are all like frightened rabbits so eager to believe the worst that we never stop to consider the reality. Y2K, 911 Anniversary, Swine Flu, yada, yada. The media scare tactics cause upheaval and we jump on board. I wonder what the price will be for ‘crying wolf’. I typically don’t buy into the drama as I prefer proof over speculation and common sense over chaos. All I am saying is don’t be so quick to believe the bad. Wait for scientific proof before freaking out. Stress does not help your diabetes and that is proven.

If the theory is proven, it reminds me of all the warnings on medication. Oh, this product will help relieve your migraine but may cause dizziness, depression, loss of appetite, genital warts, stroke, heart disease, blah blah. What may help one thing could possibly cause a riot of other things. I can’t help but question are we killing ourselves in an attempt to make ourselves better? Gawd, I hope not. I have been on many types of insulin in the past 23 years, Lantus being one of them. I can only hope that it hasn’t resulted in a much more serious condition. Fingers crossed.

Back to my real life, I see my Endo next week and I can’t wait. I have so many things I want to ask him about. B12 injections, weight loss & HCG, Stem Cell transplants, periodontal disease. I must be the patient that drives the poor man insane. Last time I was there he said I was running low on B12 and suggested I take oral supplements. Well, I don’t think the oral tabs are working. I’m still exhausted so I want to ask him about B12 injections. I’ve heard great things about the injections and will try anything to feel better.

I know a few people taking HCG injections with amazing weight loss results. This type of process isn’t good for Type 1 diabetics due to the diet restrictions. 500 cals per day. My question is if you are eating 500 cals per day, then your insulin dosage would pretty much need to be lowered by half. Isn’t less insulin and weight loss a good thing? I will find out.

I applied for a stem cell transplant clinical trial. I went back & forth with the assisting nurse for about a week until she said that I wasn’t a candidate because I was taking Symlin. That if I went off Symlin for 3 months, I could reapply. Go off Symlin? This shit is amazing for my bs levels. Truly amazing. While it occasionally makes me nauseous and totally wrecks my all-you-can-eat sushi outings, my levels have been beyond spectacular. So…why stop taking Symlin and risk higher bs levels just to have a trial that may or may not work? Will find out about this, too. Also, I want to ask about the noted risks which may end up being similar to the medication warnings. Ugh. I have a 14 year old to live healthy for. I don’t want to become so involved in a cure that it affects my life in an adverse manner.

Lastly, periodontal disease. Diabetics have an increased risk for having serious gum disease. Yay! Another fabu thing to add to the “Diabetes Sucks’ list! It doesn’t matter that I have great teeth, never needed braces, visited the dentist regularly, brush & floss constantly and only have had a couple of cavities. Nope. Since I am currently in the middle of this entire procedure, I will wait to blog about this another time. Trust me, there is a lot to discuss…or it were! Hint: Insurance Companies…Rawr!! Until then, I will be grateful that it’s my teeth my scandalous body is attacking and not my eyes, feet, kidneys, etc. So, thank you, diabetes. Thank you for allowing me to remain as normal as possible.

I guess that ends my thought expulsion for today. Keep taking your insulin, people. At least until your doctor can switch you to another kind of long acting insulin, like Levemir. Be smart and take care of you.



  1. HEY CONGRATULATIONS! I'm even more excited I found you on alltop. Ta da (snot bubble). Also Llantas in Spanish means "tires" which completely changes the meaning of your entire blog.

  2. You asked:
    "Isn’t less insulin and weight loss a good thing?"

    It sounds good to me. Best wishes to you.