Sunday, June 21, 2009

Violet...You're Turning Violet, Violet

Written April 24, 2009

Hello, all! Guess what? I tried a new site the other day. I know…shocker. This time I stuck it on my upper back, right under my bra. I thought I would give my abused belly a break. I just snaked the tubing down my back, clipped the pump on my belt loop and shoved the remaining tubing down my pants. Nothing extremely different than what I normally do except the high blood sugars I have been having for 3 days. I won’t change the site though because I don’t want to be wasteful. How jacked am I? So I just deal with the highs. I never thought a site change would cause my numbers to fluctuate, but that’s the only reason I can come up with. My eating habits haven’t changed over the past 3 days. I am no more stressed than I was previously. I am not ill. Could an injection site really be the cause? I wasn’t sure that was possible but it seems to be so. Maybe the cannula is bent. Who knows…we’ll see tomorrow because it’s site change day.

Does any pump wearer besides me forget their change day? It’s only 3 days but I seriously can’t retain the information. It’s that Diabetes Madness again. Thankfully, I can usually gauge the date from the amount of insulin left in the reservoir.

My friend, Mercedes, is a local DJ here in Vegas. She wakes me up every morning and keeps me company until I get to work. She is pretty fabu and makes my heart happy. The other morning she was reporting the news and one of the topics was an article about blueberries & diabetes. I did some research and found the story.

According to a study supported by the US Highbush Blueberry Council, eating blueberries may help to improve blood sugar levels. I have two comments…1. Of course the Blueberry Council supports this!! Duh! 2. I wonder if this works by scarfing blueberry muffins. Hmmm. The study also claims that blueberries may reduce belly fat. Damn…I wish I liked blueberries better cause that would be a better option than liposuction. For the entire story, click here:
Fox News

You can check out Mercedes and her blog here:
Mercedes' Blog

You can also listen to her to live at Mix 94.1: Mark & Mercedes in the Morning

Now let me bitch about medical alert bracelets for a moment. I don’t wear one. I should. I am certain that it would be much easier for a paramedic to know that I am not drunk, that I am merely having a low blood sugar episode. Seriously, these bracelets are one of the most unattractive pieces of jewelry I have seen. Truly heinous. Perhaps along with a fashionable clothing line for people with medical accessories, I should also create a fashionable medical alert bracelet line. Psh.

Here are a few bracelets that I find remotely acceptable but nothing interesting enough to make me purchase. Although, the more I search, the more Laurens Hope is becoming my fav

Lauren's Hope

Diabetes Advocacy

N Style

I did find something fabu for really small children who have been recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Rufus. The Diabetes Bear. Check him out here:
Children with Diabetes.

Rufus also has a girlfriend named Ruby. Unlike me, they wear medical alert bracelets. Why? Because they are good and I am bad.


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