Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My blogs have turned into whiney..not winey….negative paragraphs of sadness. Ugh. I can hardly stand myself!

So, I’ve decided to flip things back to normalcy. Or, as close to normalcy as I can get.

Here’s to some happy stuff! *clink*

• I love *clink*. I do. It makes me smile every time I see it or write it. I stole it. I stole it from Kelly. How could I not? Not only is *clink* amazing, her name is KELLY!! I have it on good authority that all Kelly’s are fabulous. Check K2 out for some happy stuff.

• Today Retro Bakery turns 2! In honor of their birthday, they are giving each person a free cupcake!! FREE CUPCAKES!!! That’s happy love. Not only are the cupcakes the most delish things ever that a Diabetic should never eat, the owners are A-dorable. Plus, they hired my daughter. Everyone should stop by and say hi to Kari, Brian, Abbi & Lucy.

• Romney is in a place that doesn’t hurt. A new place. My stomach is beat to shiz but this is a happy blog so we won’t talk about that. The unchartered territory is on my side. Right at the top of my blueberry muffin top. So….my blueberry muffin top top. It’s not in the way, it doesn’t hurt and my bs has been ok. Happy with my real estate choice.

• I got my wedding chews. I’m a bridesmaid and the wedding is in April. I haven’t talked a lot about it because I want to write a blog about my experience after the nuptials. Anyway, Jennifer, the Nearlywed, said we could choose our chews and to make them sassy! I chose Carlos Santana Blue Leopard! My Diabetic feet are used to wearing heels and they are happy with these.

• Diabetes has Superfoods according to the ADA . ::cue in epic theme music::: Beans! They’re good for your heart! The more you eat…. ;) Dark green veggies, citrus fruit (What?! Yes!), sweet potatoes, berries (Helloooo blueberry muffin top top), tomatoes, fish, whole grains, nuts (I know a few), fat free milk & yogurt!!! Super happy!

• 3 day weekends!! I always have 3 day weekends, don't be jealous This weekend is a 4 day weekend for me! Yay!! Not getting up for work happy. Make that extra day a free day to do something that makes you happy. Something fun. Something you don’t have normally have the time to do. Something feel good. Something stupendous. The options are endless.

• I am Anti-Valentine’s Day but…again…this is happy!! Happy, happy, post! Happy Valentines Day! Since chocolate makes Diabetics bolus, why not send flowers? This is your chance to be thoughtful, make someone happy AND help fight Diabetes. ProFlowers will donate $20 of your order to the American Diabetes Association. Awww. How sweet!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Let me start off by saying...there isn't anything sour or whiney about your post! I love the shoes, I wish I live in Vegas so I could have a free cupcake. I maybe the only diabetic that doesn't like Chocolate. It's not fair that you get a 4 day weekend. Happy V-Day!

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