Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Diabetes Fun Stuff

Methinks there should be more Diabetes fun stuff. Diabetes isn’t fun. Diabetics of every age know this is true. I am positive it isn’t fun when you are 5 years old and get the news that you are a Type 1 Diabetic. Poor, poor kids have so many other things on their little minds. Growing up is hard enough! Now they have a chronic disease that they have to live & deal with for the rest of their lives. Oy. I am pretty sure they just want to worry about Santa, bubbles, cartoons and chocolate candy.

If Diabetes can’t always be easy, can it sometimes be fun? Just a little?

Like…the OneTouch UltraMini:

Not only are the colors sassy, you can get one for free.

Or like colorful lancets.

Fun colors are available at Walmart.

Or these Patches, which I love, but can’t use with Omni. Boo.

Or fun Pump Paks that are sure to make a kid smile, in spite of it all.

Oh, and Pump Wear, Inc. is having a Pump Pak contest! Design your fun pak here.

Or clothing that hides the pump. Awesome and cute!

I don’t know. Maybe a bedazzler or Sharpies or stickers could be used to make these tools sparkle. Something, anything, to make this thing hanging off my body pretty. This thing that gets caught on door handles, my pants and my underwear. This thing that makes a bump under my shirt, pants and skirts. This thing that keeps me alive but is such a boring accessory. This thing. This ugly, hospital colored thing.

Most Diabetics are thrilled with the little things that make our daily process a little brighter. Maybe pricking your finger with a green lancet will distract you from the pain. Maybe getting undressed and seeing a bright blue flowered thing attached to your body will make you smile instead of roll your eyes. Maybe, just maybe, more fun things should be implemented into the daily care of a Diabetic.

I mean, what would it hurt, really? I say nothing.

So...where is all the fun stuff?


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