Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Entertaining Diabetes

Maybe Bret is trying to turn over a new leaf. Maybe he wants to go from Diabetes Douche to Diabetes Diva. Maybe.

Our hero, Bret Michaels, is a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice. Oh, lucky masses. The first challenge the celebs were given was to raise money for their chosen charity. I love this because I think celebrities should do more with their money than get botox and plastic surgery. Help people. That’s the right thing to do….and they do. Sometimes.

Bret was the team leader and gave the name ‘Rock Solid’ to his male compadres. Quite the marketing genius since ‘Rock Solid’ is also the name of Bret’s t-shirt line. Anyway, 'Rock Solid' chose to donate to children with Type 1 Diabetes. YAY! Hurrah! It always makes a Diabetic happy to hear one of the organizations that may save her life was given a healthy sum of money.

Trump’s boardroom is generally entertaining. It’s even more entertaining when the team playing for your health wins. ‘Rock Solid’ earned $100,000 that was donated to the American Diabetes Association.

Good on you, Bret. I’ll lay off the insults…until the next time you decide to be a shitty Diabetes mentor.

In other entertainment news, Crystal Bowersox is the latest Diabetic celeb tearing the house down. I am not a regular viewer of American Idol, but when I do tune in, this girl rocks my socks. In fact, she is rock solid. (teehee) Crystal is quirky, raspy, passionate and sings with soul. She is definitely one of my favorites and not just because she shoots up.

Perhaps the reason behind the soul is because she hasn’t been walking on the easy road of life. She comes from a poor family of farmers, was bullied at school, has divorced parents, played music on the streets for money, is a young mother AND has a chronic disease. Holy moly.

Crystal made news by ending up in the hospital a couple of weeks ago for some Diabetes related problems which threw the show for a loop. So glad she was able to kick D’s ass. She returned to take on AI and kick their ass, too. I think that this 24 year old, who was diagnosed with Type 1 in 2005, is going to give the AI contestants a run for their money. I really do. The bubblegum, moldable, pop star is not what is appearing on stage this season. And…I like it. A lot.

Crystal isn’t the only AI contestant with Type 1 Diabetes. You all remember Elliott Yamin, don’t you?

We all know Nick Jonas is the teen face of Type 1 Diabetes so I won’t go into great detail over him. I’m 42 and not interested in having any Jonas Brothers songs weaving in and out of my mind. But, what makes Nick rise above celebs like Bret in the mentor category is that he actually IS a spokesperson for Diabetes. He goes above & beyond teaching, spreading awareness & helping kids deal with Type 1 Diabetes. In fact, all three brothers are advocates of something. Diabetes, Special Olympics and Volunteering. Kudos to you, Jonas Brothers, kudos to you.

Lastly is the Olympic cross country skier, Kris Freeman. He's sporty, strong, AND cute as a button! Finding out he was a Type 1 Diabetic just offered him another challenge that he was determined to beat. However, Diabetes beat him and his sugar crashed during a 30k run at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Luckily, a German coach came to Freeman’s rescue with a Gatorade and some energy gel that was loaded with sugar. Freeman was able to finish the race. Art imitates life. This disease tries to bring us down daily and we keep fighting the fight.

Kris Freeman was quoted as saying ‘I don’t identify myself as Diabetic, I identify myself as a cross country skier.’ He also said he wanted to show the Diabetes community what was possible.

Like I said...yum.

I think most of us in the Diabetic community do believe that anything is possible. Anything and everything. We are all just waiting. I am pretty sure they feel the same as I do. Tired of entertaining Diabetes.



  1. Diabetic retinopathy could be associated with poorer memory and diminished brain power in people with Type 2 diabetes, according to a new research.