Sunday, May 30, 2010

Law of Averages

I woke up thinking about A1C today. (Yes, I know, I really need to find where I put my life. Sigh....)

A1C is a number that envelops a Diabetic in chains. It is only a number, sure, just like the rest. But this number has the potential of destroying you. If your number is good, then you can't believe it. You are elated, breath a sigh of relief and then continue to replay the past 3 months and figure out what it was that you were doing right. If your number is bad, then you berate yourself. Tears well up in your eyes and you replay the past 3 months to figure out what it was that you did wrong.

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My thought this morning was cynical. (No surprise there.) I had read a status on Facebook from 'Dear Diabetes' about things you can do to keep your A1C below 7. Several of the comments were about being frustrated that they can't get their A1C number in the normal range. This drudged up a reoccurring thought that I have always had.

Several Endo's have told me that A1C is an average of your blood sugar numbers over the past 3 months. Ok. Did anyone miss 'average'?? AVERAGE! So, if I have a month full of lows and a month full of highs, of course my average number will be good. Right? Law of averages??

So, how does this number have the right to dictate my control? Why do I get worked up over this number?

I had my A1C checked 2 months ago & my magic number was 6. I went to a different doctor 2 weeks ago and my number was 6.3. I walked out of the office upset because I went up .3. Really? Yes. Really.The A1C result has that much power.

I guess my question amongst all this ranting is why? Why does it matter? I could be the worst diabetic on the planet & my A1C number could be fine. Again, it's only an average.

I feel better than I have ever felt and that, alone, should tell me how I am doing.

Stupid A1C.

Stupid Diabetes.



  1. I like your "feel better" gauge. That's a really, really great point. It's much more telling than any number.

  2. It's funny how relative these things are, too. If I was at 6.3, I'd be bouncing off the walls. I'm at 6.6 now, and holdin' steady.