Sunday, May 16, 2010

Simply Be.

Welcome back to the last segment of Diabetes Blog Week. I made it an entire week with only a slight slip in commitment. I'm actually proud of myself. I'm turning over a new leaf.

Today: Day 7. Topic: Dream a little dream - life after a cure.

'To wrap up Diabetes Blog Week, let’s pretend a cure has been found. We are all given a tiny little pill to swallow and *poof* our pancreases are back in working order. No side effects. No more insulin resistance. No more diabetes. Tell us what your life is now like. Or take us through your first day celebrating life without the Big D. Blog about how you imagine you would feel if you no longer were a Person With Diabetes.'

Wow. If I were no longer a PWD...... This concept is so hard for me to imagine but something that I never lose hope for. Freedom. If I woke up without Diabetes, that's the first thing I would do....mimic William Wallace. I would fall to my knees and scream in my loudest voice:

And then I would cry. I would weep. I would break down. I would cry all the tears I have never released. Tears for the pain, the failures, the anger, the lost moments, the abuse my body endeared, the fear, the hopelessness, the being a victim, the poor me's, the why God's, the worry & stress of my family & friends, the annoyance, the feeling alone, the money I've spent, the unhappiness, the trouble, the everything that this disease has caused me to feel. I would let it all out....and then let it go.

I would pour myself a bowl of Cocoa Puffs and enjoy unemployment because I would be ok. Without Diabetes, I would be ok not having a job. I could do something that I wanted to do. Freelance write. Work in a vintage bookshop. Sell tulips at Pikes Place Market. Anything. Everything. The world would be my non-chronic diseased oyster.

I just asked Amanda what she would do if I woke up tomorrow and didn't have Diabetes. She said 'I would throw you the sickest party ever! There would be tons of Retro Bakery cakes, Cold Stone Ice Cream and everything else you shouldn't eat. Then we'd go swimming and go in the jacuzzi because you wouldn't have to wear your pump.'

Haha! That sounds like a fabu party. :)

If I woke up without Diabetes, I would breathe and simply be.

100% happy.



  1. Beautiful post! You did a great job keeping up! I want some cold stone...

  2. Exactly! If we were all cured, I think most of us would just sleep for a couple of days -- because we could!

  3. I've thought of William Wallace several times when reading this day's set of posts. Of all the posts of the week, this one pulled a response from Caleb which showed a little vulnerability. He mentioned feeling "free".
    I like badpancreas' idea of just sleeping for a couple of days "just because we could". Pure joy.