Saturday, May 15, 2010

Photo Blog.

Welcome back to Diabetes Blog Week.

Today: Day 6. Topic: Diabetes snapshots.

I've got some D related pictures on tap for you today. It's like a little photo album of my escapades...that you aren't really interested in but will look anyway...just to be nice. Kind of like your co-workers vacation pictures.

For those of you that have seen these pictures on the Diabetes 365 Project, sorry. Think of it as looking at your co-workers vacation pictures...again. :)

Filling up Romney's syringe.

Doc B's white board drawings.

Test strip art.

This was free just for being a Diabetic!

I have a lot of junk in my trunk.

Don't test and drive.

Bad bs day.

No wonder my purse is so heavy.

I can't believe it's not butta.

Time to change the Romney.



  1. I like to think I'm perfecting the art of testing and driving. It's quite a skill.

  2. Nice pics and I love the captions!