Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear One Touch

I hate you and love you simutaneously. Love you because you let me know how my bs is doing, you are small, compact, colorful and you are easy to use. Hate you because you are expensive and I always mess up at least 2 strips per bottle.

I think you should give extra strips for those partiular moments. Those moments when I prick my finger, squeeze as much blood as possible out and place it on your waiting strip. Keep in mind that I have been a Diabetic for 27 years. It's not always easy to get blood from my callused, beat up, sore finger tips. Sometimes I will squeeze the hell out of my finger until my tips turn bright red. Sometimes I have to poke my finger about 50 times to get any blood at all! I try to get blood, though, and if it doesn't work, I simply poke another spot.

Your little strip anxiously awaits these moments with it's drop of blood flashing on it's screen like a hungry vampire. Beckoning. Waiting. Watching. I apply my drop and, mother trucker, the blood doesn't cover every exact piece of your strip. I frantically try to add more blood but it's too late. Your bloody blue vampire tells me there is an error. ER5!!!! One strip wasted.

Since a bottle of 25 strips costs about $28, let's say I lose a $1 each time you decide to be sassy. One would think that any blood would suffice. One would think that you should be able to add more blood while the timer is still counting down. One would think you would make these strips affordable for those who don't have health insurance or for those whose health insurance won't cover test strips. One would think you would understand and throw a couple of free strips in the bottle. But you don't..and I watch part of my unemployment check get tossed in the trash while I stick my sore finger in my mouth and curse the Gods.

I guess what I'm trying to say, One Touch, is that I get nervous every time I go to test my blood sugar and realize there's only a couple of strips left. I get nervous when I go to my Diabetic supply stash and see only one bottle of test strips left. I get nervous because I know I will have to spend $100 to make it through the next couple of weeks. I'm a good Diabetic. I test my blood sugar, on average, 10 times a day. I get nervous that I will mess up and not apply enough blood. I get nervous that I'll have to alter my care routine.

So, give us Diabetics a break, One Touch. I know you gave us a free meter once upon a time. Thank you very much. But, now it's time to give us something back again. We give you our money, our pain and our blood. Don't we deserve something for being lifetime customers? Something? Anything? Please?

Kelly and all other One Touch users.


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