Monday, January 23, 2012

Destiny & Diabetes

Life works in mysterious ways and everything happens for a reason. Do I believe this? Umm...sometimes. It's interesting when I actually see destiny's path unfold before my eyes. This doesn't happen often, but it happened recently.

My fam & I moved into this great house in the woods back in October. We aren't very social so introducing ourselves to our neighbors never really crossed our minds. We could hear a man talking outside once in a while but that was it. One day, Abe was walking the dog and he saw the man. They introduced themselves. Both claimed to be anti-social. They talked for a bit, had a few laughs and went on their merry way.

I work in Accounting so I visit the same bank every day, sometimes several times a day. Because of this, the employees there know me. If not by name, then definitely by face. I play friends with a couple of tellers and one in particular just makes me smile. One morning, the teller needed to have a copy of my drivers license. She says 'You live on Blah Blah Road?' I said 'yes' and she says her parents are my nieghbors. I tell her the story about Abe and her dad, we laugh and she says she is going to giver her parents a hard time.

Well, Christmas rolls around and I find a gift bag on my porch. It's a bottle of red, a Yankee Candle and a note from our neighbors. The wife wrote that they were social and would love to get together sometime for wine. I'm thinking 'Ok, great. That's really nice.' and I lose the thought.

This weekend I'm out shoveling snow. It's the weekend. I just got out of bed so I was in my pj's. My greasy hair is a mess and I have mascara under my eyes. I swear, I looked like the Grudge. This car pulls up along side of me, the window rolls down and it's the wife. She introduced herself and we started chatting. She was so nice and I was so embarrased. She then tells me that she wants us to come over for dinner and wine one night. That she doesn't know when because she watches her grandson during the week and works on the weekend. She contined to say that her grandson was 14 months old and has Type 1 Diabetes. My mouth dropped and I said 'I have Type 1 Diabetes.' The woman gasped, I could see tears well up in her eyes and she said 'I would love for you to teach me everything you know and help me understand so I can be a better grandmother for him.' I told her I would come over and answer all of her questions anytime.

That's when I realize that this could be a reason. A reason why we chose this house even though we knew we'd be screwed if it snowed. A reason why I was drawn to this woman at the bank. A reason why Abe just happened to run into our neighbor one random day. A reason why I just decided to shovel the snow at that particular moment.

The reason being a 14 month old little boy.

Today I walked into the bank and the woman came right up to me, pulled me out of line and started talking to me. Her mother told her she met me, said I was the nicest thing ever..haha...and told her I was a T1. Words spilled from her mouth about her son. They just found out. He is only 14 months. She is scared and worried and mad and everything anyone with Diabetes or anyone who has a loved one with Diabetes feels. We started talking briefly about living with this disease and I felt her loosen up just a bit. As if she was drowning and I threw her a life saver.

In 5 minutes, I actually made someone feel a little better and feel a little supported. What is more wonderful than that?

She said we were having dinner at her mom's soon and I, honestly, can't wait.

I wish I would have had someone like me around when I was 17. I don't have a cure. I don't have a reason. I don't have a miracle. But, I do have experience, knowledge and understanding of Type 1 Diabetes. I have gone through the self destruction phase and made it to the seasoned veteran phase.

Sometimes destiny does know what she is doing and, for this little move, I thank her.



  1. Wow, what a really amazing post. Sometimes you just got to let destiny do it's thing and trust life will be okay!

  2. That Destiny chick is a very wise woman!!!!

  3. Oh, one more thing: *CLINK*

    PS: word verification is "bling." Destiny knows me well!

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