Friday, November 4, 2011

Daily 'D' Disclosure #3

November 4, 2011: I like when I get free food or drinks because my sugar is low. I also like when I get seated faster because my sugar is low.

There's always a positive.

For example, when I'm standing in line at a restaurant, waiting to be seated, and I feel the feeling. Diabetics know the feeling I'm talking about. Non-Diabetics probably don't It's where your entire body sends out a warning, you internally shake, you immediately get scared, stressed, worried, and you know that if you don't get something into your system ASAP, it won't be a pretty picture.

These are the times when people really reach out. Rolls, bread, cake, juice. Normally a person will do whatever it takes to make everything ok. We get escorted to a table, the Manager comes over to ensure my family or friends and I are fine. It's a sucky reason but it's nice when you don't want to wait 30 minutes to be seated.

Then, there are those times when I do use my disease as a tool, I'll admit it. Why not? I feel like it effs with me constantly and eternally so why not use it to my advantage? Last night I started to cook dinner and found the propane tank had a lock on it. Turns out, my landlord didn't pay the bill so they stopped our service. I called the company, exclaimed loudly and strongly that I was a Type 1 Diabetic and if I wasn't able to cook myself dinner, there would be hell to pay.

So, yes. There are times when I use my disease. Just like it uses me. Then there are other times when more necessary attention is paid due to my disease. This is a good thing.


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