Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Endo Schmendo

I finally made an appointment with an Endocrinologist.  The day before Thanksgiving.  I guess the timing couldn't be any more perfect since I plan on eating my weight in holiday food on Thanksgiving. It's probably better that I see a Dr. the day before.  Oy.

I am trying to remain positive about meeting this new Dr.  The fact is...I have been a T1 for 27 years now.  In that time, I have found 1 Endo that I adore.  Just 1.  That was only a couple of years ago in Vegas.  Dr. Berelowitz.  Because I liked him so much, I had the best control, the best A1C, the best bloodwork, the best D a person could have.

Moving was almost like a break up for me.  I wanted him to come with but he had to stay.  Sigh.  Now..I have only been seeing a General Practioner for 2 years since moving to NY.  I really like him but he isn't that confident in my care of the D.  I respect that.  He has wanted me to see an  Endo but I keep blowing him off.  Too busy.  No money. I  know how to care for myself better than any Dr.  Blah Blah. Just basically comforting myself in the security that my GP quotes 'The Princess Bride', knows me and my life, treats me like a human being.

But.  I finally broke down.  I am not a fan of Dr's and having had a chronic disease for over half my life has caused me to be a little leary of many.  I have had the Dr's who act like they blame me for getting this disease.  I have had Dr's who tell me I could control this disease better if I really wanted to.  I have had Dr's rush in and out without getting to know me or my life.  I have had Dr's run a rampant of unnecessary tests, etc, for the money and not for my health. I have had them all.  So, it's very difficult for me to find a Dr. that isn't judgemental, that takes the time and listens to me personally, that is as interested in caring for me as I am and not just seeing dollar signs and no hope. 

Type 1 Diabetics need a Dr. with hope.  Plain and simple.  At times we get so down living with this pain in the everywhere all day, every day, that our hope falters at times.  Mine does.  It's nice to walk into an office and feel like that hope.  Doc B had hope.  He was the best.

I have hope, too.  Hope that this Endo will, at the very least, be 1/10 of what Doc B was.  This would be a good thing for me and my body.  :)



  1. A Dr. with hope. I love that. You're so right.

  2. Oh My Gosh! I've been T1 for 23 years and found only one Endo I've loved also. Guess who? Dr. B! That man is an AMAZING doctor. I want to move from here so bad, but the one thing I can't imagine is having to leave him! Hah. Too funny. Good luck with your new Dr. Just try not to compare...hah!

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